§ 1 Applicability

  1. These rules forms the basis for all regulations of VIOUT. Additional rules may apply for specific systems/servers of VIOUT.
  2. With the guest login to/on games/servers, these rules, the data protection regulations and, if applicable, the game/server specific rules are accepted for the stay.
  3. By becoming a member, all published rules and regulations (these rules and all game-/server-specific rules and regulations) and the data protection regulations are accepted.
  4. These rules can be changed at any time without notice. Every user has to inform themselves about changes of the rules.

§ 2 Administrators and moderators

(a) General
  1. Administrators and moderators are authoritative individuals. The decisions and instructions of these individuals must always be followed.
  2. If there is a suspicion of unfair treatment, direct contact with an administrator should be sought. Public discussions are not permitted.
(b) Application
  1. In general, any member may apply to become a moderator. The team then decides on the suitability of the person. There is no entitlement to be accepted into the team.
  2. Applications must be submitted in writing by e-mail to the administration.

§ 3 Warning

(a) General
  1. Misbehavior on the systems/servers of VIOUT is punished with a warning.
  2. Due to the usually short length of stay, guests are expected to behave in full accordance to the rules. This also means that a first offence can already result in a ban.
  3. As long as a warning is active, it adds a warning point to the users account.
  4. Warnings expire within three months at the earliest. If there are several active warnings, the latest expiry date applies to all active warnings.
  5. In extreme cases, a 4-point warning can be issued immediately.
  6. As an alternative to a warning, a general admonishment may be issued. This must be appropriate to the situation.
  7. General admonishments are explicitly not a warning and do not contribute any points to the warning profile. An entry in the register "Moderative Messages" is only for documentational purposes.
(b) Sanctions
  1. If the profile receives a warning, an action is initiated according to the number of active points
    1. LAST warning, no sanction yet
    2. Temporary ban of seven days on all systems of VIOUT
    3. Temporary ban of one month on all systems of VIOUT
    4. Permanent ban on all systems of VIOUT
  2. Bans remain permanently publicly visible on the user profile. The user is from then on considered to have been "previously convicted".
(c) Contestation
  1. Warnings can be appealed.
  2. An appeal will be handled by a team member who is not the team member who issued the warning.
  3. If the appeal is successful, warnings and their consequences (e.g. sanctions or the status "previously convicted") are invalidated and deleted.

§ 4 Misconduct

  1. General: According to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany illegal content, e.g:
    1. Insults/hostility against persons/groups
    2. Agitation
    3. Racism
    4. Legal advice
  2. Material that is offensive/endangering to youths/glorifies violence/questionable
  3. Malware distribution
  4. Distribution of "fake news" or similar
  5. Provocation of other users
  6. Enticing away users to other servers/groups
  7. Attacking the systems of Virtual-Outlaws or deliberately causing impairments
  8. Spam, e.g:
    1. Permanent Caps-Lock
    2. Advertisements
    3. Referral-Links
    4. Line-Splitting (unnecessary splitting of words/phrases on several lines)
    5. Permanent resending of transmissions/messages
    6. Deliberately sending noises to scare or annoy

§ 5 Accounts

  1. The creation of multiple accounts is not permitted.
  2. The sharing of an account among several people is not permitted.
  3. The impersonation of a different identity is not permitted.
  4. If revealed, all affected accounts will receive a 4-point warning.
  5. The regulations from § 4 apply for account names and content (e.g. profile).